Selections long and short, serious and witty, discursive and curt, faved and cherished, savory and sweet, from my oeuvre. Most recent pieces listed first.

__________:// 🌵  PROSE

Magical Boy with Bleeding Guts. Glass Mountain, Vol. 18. Apr 2017
The Harvest. 20-page zine created for exhibit at Van Vessem Gallery. Oct 2016.
Fugitive Blues. Written for Blauww at Van Vessem Gallery. Dec 2015.

__________:// 🍒  FEATURES & JOURNALISM

2017 🍮

Risqué business (Profile of erotically-charged clothing designs)

2016 👒

R.I. Comic Con 2016: Cosplay’s the thing!
Project 3.8 raises awareness of pediatric cancers
To shampoo or not to shampoo. That is the question.
Be my guest (Feature on house party app YotMe)
Reunited and it felt so good (’90s band Belly returns to their hometown)
A prince among the angels (Eulogizing Prince) 
The kids are all confused (Marijuana legalization in RI)
Everyone’s a little bit racist. It’s true
“Are you a ‘Bernie bro’?”
Private eyes (Feature on boudoir photography)

2014 + 2015 💎

Man in the long black coat (Lincoln Chafee’s gubernatorial portrait)
Solemn tribute

__________:// 💁 NOTABLE INTERVIEWS

Billy Gilman, pop singer. Jan 2017
Gordon Wood, historian. Oct 2016
Art Spiegelman, comix author. Sept 2016
Barry Hinckley, YotMe founder. Aug 2016
Belly, rock band. July 2016
Brenda Bennett, Prince associate. May 2016
Jennifer Siebel Newsom, filmmaker. Sept 2015
Kate Bornstein, author and activist. Nov 2014
Johnny O’Neal, jazz musician. Sept 2014

__________:// 👞 COPYWRITING

Links available on request.